Some side projects of mine in parallel to my work.

The genesis of most of my projects can be traced back to the hitches I face in my daily routine. But that’s not all–it’s also an avenue for me to acquire fresh knowledge and tinker with novel technologies, adding a dash of enjoyment to the mix.

  • Deklarera

    Deklarera streamlines Swedish tax management, offering features like seamless integration of tax events with calendars, a deduction guide powered by machine learning, and highly efficient calculators for accurate deduction assessments.

  • DriveTrak™

    The project involved developing a system to track rental car usage by integrating On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) and cellular devices into each car to collect and transmit mileage and fuel consumption data to a cloud-based database.

  • Hackr

    A mobile newsreader app designed for the popular online community, Hacker News by Y Combinator. The app allows users to access the latest stories and discussions from the community directly from their iPhone, streamlining the experience and eliminating the need for a web browser.

  • Sync

    A real-time synchronization platform for multimedia activities, like watching YouTube or Netflix. The platform is accessed through clients, like a web browser extension, allowing users to participate in multimedia activities with other users.


    A project that provides a framework for building React web applications, aimed at streamlining the development process and allowing developers to quickly move from concept to minimum viable product (MVP).

  • Havelock

    A Node.js tool for retrieving and decrypting data, including accounts, cookies, and history, from Chromium-based web browsers. Originally created for use in a remote administration tool for collecting and transmitting accounts to a remote location securely, it is now available as both a JavaScript API and a command line interface.

  • Brand

    A CLI tool designed for managing Firebase applications, specifically for creating fake user accounts and editing custom claims.

  • Fackla

    A tool for obscuring an employee’s real location from their workplace by allowing them to virtually change it through a map interface. This app is also useful for developers testing geofencing features.

  • TakeSafe

    A drug tracking app developed for educational purposes during a study of psychopharmacology. It was created to deepen understanding, but development was eventually discontinued due to lack of interest.